Information for Performers and Anchor Performers

PERFORMERS  We welcome all musicians, singers, poets, dancers and comedians, ages 14 and up to perform non-explicit and non-violent content in our venue.   Each performer signs in at the clipboard at the welcome desk. The person or group is then called to the stage by our friendly emcee to sing or perform for ten minutes each time. Depending on the number of folks we have signed up on a given night, we may have to limit the time to seven minutes per performer or group. If there is time, performers may sign up take the mic a second time during the evening.

ANCHOR PEFORMERS  You or your group can be promoted as our Anchor Performer(s) for the upcoming month on our website and Facebook page and flyers.  Give us a link to your own social media for even more publicity mileage!

On the night of the coffee house, you or your group will be showcased playing or performing for a total of six songs. Three for the first set and three for a second set.  If there is time or desire, Anchor Performer(s) might play again during the second half of the night. You are welcome to sell your music at our venue.

If you are interested in being an Anchor Performer, please contact Tanja Moriarty, 860-614-5158. The 150 Team will then consider your request. It is strongly recommended that you have a strong stage presence, the ability, and media presence so we can link you as we promote each month.