Ellen Iovino Anchors on January 13!

We are so excited and grateful to announce that Ellen Iovino will be our anchor on January 13th! Ellen has graced our stage since 2015 with the incomparable We Got Rhythm! —an energetic, captivating husband-wife duo who interpreted show tunes and performed originals while tap-dancing, playing the violin, trumpet, guitar, steel drums, etc. etc. etc.

Oh, how our collective hearts broke when we learned of Larry’s sudden passing in July ’17.  We not only lost a beloved performer, but the world lost an irreplaceable, powerhouse team.

Yet…by grace and the healing powers of music, Ellen has truly amazed us with her recent return to the the 150 stage performing a few of the pair’s original songs on her own.  If you had the privilege to experience Ellen’s performances this past fall, you’d agree that her signature razz-ma-tazz style thunders on with passion and panache! And, if you haven’t seen her yet, well now’s your chance! Join us on Saturday, January 13th for this amazing anchor!

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