The Quarry Ridge Band Anchors on Sat. Nov. 12th!

Quarry Ridge Band, or Anchor Performers for November 12th.
The Quarry Ridge Band, our Anchor Performers to headline at 150 on November 12th.

Welcome The Quarry Ridge Band! A 150 frequent flyer, The Quarry Ridge Band will grace us again with their energetic, friendly group from Portland/Glastonbury.  Rick on lead guitar, John on banjo, Veronica on lead vocals and harmonica, Mike on bass, Kathy on autoharp. You can’t help but sing-a-long, tap your foot or clap as this happy throng strums, sings and zings their way into your heart!

Jim Cole, spectral voices on Oct. 8th

In 1991 Jim Cole began practicing overtone singing after hearing recordings of the Tibetan Gyuto monks and David Hykes and The Harmonic Choir’s Hearing Solar Winds.  He was astonished that the haunting otherworldly sounds he heard were produced entirely by human voices.  Within a year he was turning people on to the wonders of harmonic overtone singing, teaching others as he continued to learn, and gathering an ever-evolving group. Jim will be our Anchor Performer at 150 on Sat., Oct. 8th. Check out his website at for his show times and music sales.

Jim Cole
Jim Cole

September Anchor Performers: We Got Rhythm! Prospect is excited to host We Got Rhythm! as our first Anchor Performers this Saturday, September 10th. Song-and-dance duo We Got Rhythm! reinvents the spirit of Vaudeville! Entertainers Larry Ruhl and Ellen Iovino interpret familiar (and some unfamiliar) songs from sources as diverse as Irving Berlin and Pharrell Williams, as well as from the duo’s own song catalog. Their act combines a variety of instruments including steel drum, trumpet, guitar, and more. Ellen’s homemade boomba, made from an old crutch, is an audience favorite. Tap breaks make feet a solo instrument and honor the couple’s favorite dance form. If you’d like to be an anchor performer, contact us.